Our Testimonials

See why people trust Prismaticco and their process
I was really impressed by how quickly my matchmaker was able to match me with the perfect coach for what I needed at this stage. Can't thank her enough.
Andrew D'Souza
Co-founder & CEO of ClearBanc
My investors introduced me to many coaches, but not a single one came close to the quality of coaches I interviewed though ECM.
Anonymous CEO
We love Prismaticco’s matchmaking service & encourage you to reach out.
Amit Mukherjee
Partner at NEA
Just find a matchmaker to make the process extremely painless. It felt very much like they cared about finding the right fit. The process was really amazing.
Jim Xiao
Founder & CEO of Mason
I didn't know what a coach could help me with or even why I needed a coach, but ECM explained the possibilities to me and introduced me to the best coach possible who turned me into the best version of a leader myself.
Joey Parsons
Founder & CEO of effx
My matchmaker led me through a structured process of assessing what I needed most in a coach, even as I was finding it difficult to articulate what I was looking for. She helped me organize my thoughts, synthesize my requirements, and quickly connected me with two fantastic coaches. Both coaches felt like they could be a fit, but one was most clearly aligned. I now view meeting and working with them as a major break-through in my growth as a leader.
Sasha Pang
It has been a 3000% better process working with you to find coaches than it was when I was working with the team at [large tech company].
The network includes most - if not all - of the top coaches.
Matt Mochary
Coach & Author of The Great CEO Within