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Our clients are high growth startup leaders who are interested in coaching but don’t have a lot of time to figure it all out.

They like having an expert matchmaker on board to answer their questions, define ROI, and help them run the process in a clear, easy way.

For coaching: They might have an acute problem they want coaching on or they might just be curious about the value a coach can bring. They’re not looking for a sales person: they are ready for a coach if they can fully see how it will help and are willing to invest a market level budget of $2500/month or above if they find the right coach.

For other vendors: We can match you with marketing firms, legal firms, tax firms, outsourced CFO providers, and recruiting firms. We are the "one stop startup shop".


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I was really impressed by how quickly my matchmaker was able to match me with the perfect coach for what I needed at this stage. Can't thank her enough.
Andrew D'Souza
Co-founder & CEO of ClearBanc
I didn't know what a coach could help me with or even why I needed a coach, but ECM explained the possibilities to me and introduced me to the best coach possible who turned me into the best version of a leader myself.
Joey Parsons
Founder & CEO of effx
Just find a matchmaker to make the process extremely painless. It felt very much like they cared about finding the right fit. The process was really amazing.
Jim Xiao
Founder & CEO of Mason

The Coach Match Process

Step One

Book a Clarity Call

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Get all your questions on coaching answered and work with your expert matchmaker to organize your goals, needs and preferences into a personal coaching profile. If we don’t believe coaching is right for you, we’ll issue you a service refund and share our alternative recommendations.

Step Two

We vet & curate coach options for you

Based on your coaching profile and our expertise in curating high ROI matches, we look to our network of pre-vetted coaches and beyond for the perfect coach options for you.

Step Three

Options Call

Your matchmaker will present you 2-3 coach options along with why we selected them, any hesitations we have, their pre-negotiated pricing, and next steps. You determine who you want intros to.

Step Four

Interview Coach Options

Equipped with our best practices, you’ll do intro calls with each coach you opted to meet and see who fits best.

Step Five

Decision Call

Your matchmaker will act as a sounding board to help you decide on the right fit and next steps.

Step Six

ROI Check-ins

Once you decide on your coach, we will conduct check-ins every 3 months to help you track ROI and offer tips to maximize your coaching experience.

Your Matchmakers

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Get access to the top CEO & executive coaches in the world
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Our network is composed of independent coaches with the highest performance track records.

To be vetted for a match, a coach undergoes an extensive application, an interview with our matchmaker, a sample session, multiple reference checks from current and ended client relationships and more.

We hold ruthlessly high standards and compile a [slightly absurd] amount of information on each coach to be able to match based on both the tangible and intangible elements that make a coaching relationship successful.

Since coaches are independent operators brought together by their high performance - rather than by a unifying methodology or framework - we are able to objectively help you define your needs then connect you with the best suited coaching style from a wide range of options.