A more thorough coach search service that requires less time.

No more emailing around, conducting reference checks (or feeling bad about skipping them...), wasting time on unqualified coaches, wondering about budgets, feeling confused on what executive coaching actually means or guessing on ROI.

Get matched with top

executive coaches.

Find the Best Coach for You

30 minutes is all we need

Have an ultra efficient 30 minute conversation with our matchmaker to clarify and gather your coaching goals, needs & preferences.

Demistify Coaching

As professional executive coach matchmakers, we share our insights on the pros/cons of each coach you've been matched with for your specific needs. We are also able to rapidly help you spot BS and answer any questions you have on the exec coaching world. 

We vet & qualify coaches for you

We identify top coaches who can meet your goals and fit your style, within your price range. Coaches undergo an in-depth vetting and reference process.

ROI & Ongoing Support

We are your consultants on your coaching journey, helping you decide on your coach, ensure you are getting the value you deserve, and there to support you on your long-term company coaching strategy.

2-3 Qualified Intros

We make warm introductions between you and the 2-3 coaches we feel are best suited. They know your needs upfront and are already interested in your anonymous profile.

The service fee is $299 with a money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with your matches. Additional cofounders or teammates can use the service for free. The service fee covers our ongoing support of your coach finding and coaching process.
We will always advocate for your best interest, so that might include advising against getting a coach at this time depending on your specific context and budget. If you are not yet sure if a coach is right for you, check out our FAQ videos or schedule a free consultation with our matchmaker to get their opinion.

Who's this for?

Founders or executives

We specialize in VC-backed, Silicon Valley startups but are able to work with any executive level team member.

Ready for a coach now

Our service is for those who already want a coach. We help make the process easier and help you make a more effective choice. If you're not ready for a coach, we are happy to consult on whether or not now is the right timing: email us at hello@prismaticco.org with your particular questions or set up a free consultation!

Industry appropriate budget

We work with the best executive coaches. Currently, most elite coaches charge somewhere between $2,500-$10,000+ for monthly coaching engagements of weekly or biweekly sessions. If you have a budget below $2500/month, we recommend exploring a life coach for some of the coaching benefits or checking out our recommended reading rather than using the service just yet.

"Had a great conversation with [my matchmaker] - she quickly understood my priorities as a CEO and what I was looking for in a coaching relationship. She made a few high-quality introductions to fantastic coaches, and ultimately connected me with my coach, who has had a huge impact on my leadership in a very short period of time. I feel like I've known him for decades and am getting a ton of value out of every conversation. I was really impressed how quickly [my matchmaker] was able to match me with the perfect coach for what I needed at this stage. Can't thank her enough"

- Andrew D'Souza, CEO of ClearBanc





We can help you think through if a coach is right.

No pressure and no sales pitches.

Email questions to hello@prismaticco.org 

or set up a free consultation here.




As a previous startup cofounder and COO, our founder Nina discovered first hand the annoying process of trying to find the right executive coach: what does a coach do? What should my budget be? How do you vet a coach? How do you separate the elite coaches from those simply good at sales? 

After eventually becoming a startup executive coach herself, Nina continued to see how challenging many people found finding the right coach. She started to vet top coaches herself to have a network to refer incoming executives to who weren't the right fit for her. She soon realized how much fun it was to find 'the perfect match' for both executives and coaches.

With the added superpowers of our Head Matchmaker Carly Lambert, an expert in compatibility and relationship building, and our Coach Vetting Guru Alison Hilt, we are able to offer an unmatched experience to help executives find their coach, top coaches find their dream clients, and investors support their portfolio companies more deeply - all requiring less time and stress. 


Thanks in large part to our pre-vetted network of incredible coaches, our satisfied executives and our amazing partners in the investment, incubator, and business support world, Prismaticco's 'executive coach matchmaking' service (ECM) has become the most efficient and effective way for executives to find their coach.

“I’ve come to believe that coaching might be even more essential than mentoring to our careers and our teams. Whereas mentors dole out words of wisdom, coaches roll up their sleeves and get their hands dirty. They don’t just believe in our potential; they get in the arena to help us realize our potential. They hold up a mirror so we can see our blind spots and they hold us accountable for working through our sore spots. They take responsibility for making us better without taking credit for our accomplishments.” 

- Adam Grant, Trillion Dollar Coach


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Are you a coach?

We love helping top coaches find their new favorite clients. If you'd like to learn more, please reach out at hello@prismaticco.org.

Not sure if a coach is right?

We can help you think it through. No pressure and no sales pitches. Email hello@prismaticco.org or set up a free consultation here.

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We help many investors support their portfolio companies through our matching services at discounted rates. Reach out out to learn how we can make your life easier.