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While a cofounder at her previous startup, Nina discovered first hand the annoying process of trying to find the right coach: what does a coach do? What should my budget be? How do you vet a coach? How do you separate the great coaches from those simply good at sales? Finding a coach stayed on the bottom of her to do list, and she never experienced the benefits it could bring to her company and life.

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After eventually becoming a coach herself, Nina continued to hear from founders/execs about how challenging it is to find the right coach. When her husband Chris, founder of Breakout List, learned about this, he couldn’t help but want to optimize the system for everyone involved: founders were struggling to find great coaches despite solid search efforts. Deeply sold on the benefits of coaching from their own lives, Chris and Nina made it their mission to make sure everyone brave enough to seek out a coach found the right one. They started to vet top coaches to refer their friends to, and soon became addicted to creating 'the perfect match' for both executives and coaches. Now, they enjoy the added superpowers of Head Matchmaker Corbin McCabe, a customer success veteran, to help serve hundreds of leaders every year in finding their perfect coach.

Nina Barber
Corbin McCabe
Head Matchmaker